Support Your Local Skateshop! 

Buy from skater owned skateshops whenever you can.  They support the local scene so help them keep the lights on. If your local shop doesn't carry Reality GRIP, it never hurts to ask them to.

Reality GRIP can often be found at these fine locations:

Comfort Skateshop Chattanooga TN

Tactics Eugene OR, & Bend OR

VU skateshop Baltimore MD

Underground Skateshop Nutley, NJ & Newark NJ

Blazer Greenville SC

Ambush Kennesaw Ga

HomeBase Vinnennces In

Rhett Bloomington In

Relief Skate Supply Panama City Beach Fl

Cal Surf Portland Or

East 4th Long Beach Ca

Kingswell Los Angeles Ca

Collective Los Angeles Ca

Here are a few links to some of our friends. 

Theories of Atlantis

Maple Camera and Grosser Cutlery 

Shredder's Lair Skateboards

Eric Staniford Productions